Team 1 Travis Perret/Chris Maggio

Travis Perret

  • Hometown:  Overland Park, KS
  • Profession: Exercise Therapist
  • Sponsors/preferred brands: Zman, Denali, Trophy Bass Company
  • Angler Strengths:Ned Rig, Finesse Fishing, Flipping
  • What do you like about the KCTT: It is a very competitive circuit that is close to home. Allows Kansas City area fishermen a chance to fish at a high level without all the travel expense and time commitment.

Chris Maggio

Team 2 Ryan Lustig/Thomas Wells

Ryan Lustig

  • Hometown: Mt. Vernon, IL
  • Profession: Nephrology
  • Sponsors/Preferred Brands: Busch Beer, Natural Gear Camouflage
  • Strengths: Love the “grind”, when they’re on the chow, spinner blade
  • What do you like about KCTT? It’s better.

Thomas Wells

  • Hometown: Olathe, KS
  • Profession: Construction Superintendant
  • Sponsors/Preferred Brands: None
  • Strengths: Big Line/Power fishing
  • What do you like about KCTT? Strong competition, the schedule, fishing something that gets me to the next level.

Team 3 Mark Long/Bud Carmen

Mark Long

  • Hometown: Lake Winnebago, Missouri 
  • Profession: Executive Managing Director, Newmark Grubb Zimmer-Commercial Real Estate
  • Sponsors/Preferred Brands: No sponsors. Favorite gear is Lews, megabass, Simms,  Corona lite and blue chair bay. 
  • Strengths: do homework and prep, versatile, spend lots of time on the water- year around. Good at yelling ‘get the net, it’s big!- followed by ‘no it’s not, never mind ‘
  • What do you like about KCTT? Good group of guys that love to fish and compete.  Will be fishing new water that will require some work to get up to speed.

Bud Carmen

  • Hometown: lake Winnebago MOProfession: VP of operations
  • Sponsors/preferred brands: No sponsors, prefer daiwa, megabass, keitech and Klim. 
  • Strengths: backing in the trailer, grinding out a bite.  
  • What do you love about KCTT? Forces me to spend lots of time in the office doing research on the bite instead of fishing.  

Team 4 David Dawson/Rich Chaves

Team 5 Heath Stuart/Darrin Jones

Team 6 Michael Manness/Jake Plegge

Michael S. Maness

  • Hometown: Irving, TX Profession: Battery Expert 
  • Sponsors/preferred brands: Wholesale Batteries, Inc., Abu Garcia, St. Croix Angler 
  • Strengths: Jig, worm, it ain’t over till it’s over!

Jake Plegge

  • Hometown – Oketo, KS. Currently live in Eudora, KS
  • Profession – Recruiting Manager 
  • Sponsors/preferred brands – sponsors none (although I’m working on WBI pretty hard) / brands – Abu Garcia, St. CroixAngler 
  • Strengths – Finesse / soft plastics

Team 7 Bryan Perez/Ben Saunders

Bryan Perez

  • Hometown: Paola, KS
  • Profession: Digital Printer
  • Sponsors: KC Watersports, PBQ Barbecue
  • Preferred Brands: Daiwa, Lucky Craft
  • Angler Strengths: Jigs, Crank, Topwater King
  • (Editor note: Best fishing shorts on the tour!)
  • What do you like about the KCTT: The boat field size and the level of competition!

Benjamin Saunders

  • Hometown – Paola, KS
  • Profession – Intermodal Trucking Dispatcher, Fernelle’s
  • Sponsors/preferred brands – Prostaff for Sixgill Fishing and Xzone lure company, but also a big fan of Big Bite Baits, Lews, and Reaction innovation
  • Angler Strengths – Jig, Squarebill, Texas Rig
  • What do you like about the KCTT – I really like that it is a small field high return series but also is very competitive

Team 8 Ryan Jobe/Sam Leintz

Ryan Jobe

  • Hometown: Republic, MO
  • Profession: Commercial Construction Superintendent
  • Sponsors: Big Bear Rods, JB fish sauce, Poor Man’s Custom Crankbaits, Mondotackle, Union Press, Seaguar.
  • Angler strengths: C-rig, Top Water, jig. 
  • Like about KCTT: Team format, competitive field.

Sam Leintz

  • Coming Soon

Team 9 Ken Garnder/Dan Suderman

Ken Gardner

  • Profession: Metro Collision Repair
  • Sponsors/Preferred brands: Metro Collision Repair.
  • Like Ranger, Mercury, Minnkota, Lowrance, Power Pole products. Like zoom, strike king, megabass, shimano, st.croix, really any and all high quality fishing products and any products that are willing to sponsoring a team, which we are always open to.
  • Angler Strengths: Tournaments and club fishing for over 25 years. Winner of the Fish For Sight Tournament in 2010
  • Really like the KCTT series format. Its a great organization that I believe will continue to grow.

Dan Suderman

  • Hometown: Born and raised in Newton Kansas, live in Kansas City, KS
  • Profession: Home Remodeling
  • Sponsors/preferred brands: Lew’s, St. Croix, Diawa, Strike King, Missile Baits, Tourney jigs, Megabass, Gary Yamamoto 
  • Angler Strengths: Patience. 
  • What do you like about the KCTT: The level of competition, fishing with guys who love this sport as much as I do, and to Ryan and Thomas who put so much of their time into making this event the best it can be for both the league and future of it’s anglers.

Team 10 Randy Powell/Chris Whisenant

Chris Whisenant

  • Hometown- Bonner Springs, Kansas
  • Profession- System Sales Specialist at HTE Compressed Air Solutions
  • Sponsors/preferred brands- Wholesale Batteries, Mondo Tackle, Powell Rods, Skeeter Boats, Trophy Bass Company, BAK Truck Bed Covers, Bed Rug Inc, Christy’s Tasty Queen, Signco KC, Sport Boats USA, 316Active Performance Ware, Younglife Kawvalley, Yolotek, HushMat, Yamaha, Lowrance, MinnKota, Reaction Innovation, HTE Compressed Air Solutions, Lews, Zeck Ford, KC Team Tour.
  • Angler Strengths-Flipping & Pitching, I’m a river rat!!!!
  • What do you like about the KCTT? I think the pressure of this format is what I like the most. Ryan & Thomas have done a great job with this and I look forward to seeing this series grow.

Randall Powell

  • Hometown: Irving, Texas 
  • Profession: Battery Specialist
  • Sponsors/preferred brands: Wholesale Batteries, Inc./St Croix, Shimano, Sea Guar
  • Angler Strengths: New Water, Positive Attitude, Confidence!
  • Randall is an expert in powering your boat, he will sell you the right battery the first time at Wholesalebatteries.net
  • What do you like about the KCTT: Short Tournament season, First year fishing the series.

Team 11 Noah Skolnick/Ryan Leahy

Noah Skolnick

Coming soon !

Ryan Leahy

  • Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
  • Profession: Sales Management Sponsors/ Preferred
  • Brands: Gloomis, Dobyns, Shimano, Simms and Sunline.
  • Angler Strengths: positive, flipping, frogs and deep water.

Team 12 Jason Benjamin/Jerry Benjamin